About precision measurement

Thorough quality control

TOKYO NOZZLE places importance on traceability to realize thorough quality control of various remanufactured or repaired parts. Aiming for reliable measuring service, we prepare a measuring environment to increase accuracy of clearance measurement which is important to repair of plungers and pistons, and arrange a dedicated measuring staff. Our high quality maintenance service starts with measurements. We carry out accurate measurement so that the clients can feel secure.

Measurement of clearance (gap)

For the parts to be installed in the engine, such as plunger and piston, clearances must be adjusted in microns. TOKYO NOZZLE organizes the measurement environment and equipment to realize thorough measuring quality control. We use air micrometers to avoid measuring errors, keep the same temperature in the measurement room when carrying out measurements, and record the names of dedicated measuring staff who carry out the measurement of the parts. The prescribed temperature of the parts to be measured are also maintained to increase the reliability of the measured values.
*Please do not hesitate to contact us for requests only for measurement as well.

Other measurements

For the quality control of remanufactured parts, not only clearance control, but also control of hardness and surface coarseness is important. TOKYO NOZZLE uses dedicated measuring instruments to measure hardness and surface coarseness. We also arrange the environment for each measurement and arrange dedicated measuring staff to increase the reliability of measured values.

Challenges towards manufacturing the unknown
We can meet any request.

We conduct various measurement services as a part of quality control, such as measurement of clearance, hardness, and surface coarseness. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning measurements for new manufacturing.


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