Ships including cargo ships and tankers, which are navigating all around the world, may have engine trouble anytime and anywhere. With repair and maintenance bases in Europe, Asia, and American continents, they should be able to feel safe when navigating. With such thoughts towards the clients, TOKYO NOZZLE participates in the FUEL INJECTION NETWORK (FIN). As many maintenance companies from all over the world join the FIN, the clients can receive high quality maintenance services in any region of the world.

TOKYO NOZZLE wants the clients to be able to receive high quality maintenance services all over the world, the same as the quality service TOKYO NOZZLE provides. We also want the clients from all over the world to know Japan's high level maintenance technologies. FIN is a network system for the new era where reliable repair and maintenance factories from all over the world work together to offer satisfying maintenance services to clients all over the world. As globalization is advancing more and more, we are building a maintenance network beyond borders, so that the clients can feel safe when navigating all over the world.

Fuel Injection Network