Remanufacturing and repair of plungers and sleeves

Plunger and sleeve are important parts installed in the fuel injection pump which is the heart of diesel engine for the ship. As they operate in severe environments, damage to them can advance by abrasion, corrosion, and adherence. These damages may give significant influence on the engine. Therefore, regular maintenance of the parts is important in monitoring their quality. Difficult processing techniques are required to remanufacture and repair plungers and sleeves. TOKYO NOZZLE offers remanufacturing and repair service menus with high-added values, fusing high quality techniques based on rich experiences into the service for the clients to meet their needs.


With our remanufacturing and reparing techniques obtained through many years, TOKYO NOZZLE can promptly remanufacture parts in-house to replace the plungers which have reached their usage limit. We make use of our know-how accumulated through rich experience with maintenance of plungers and sleeves, to perform highly accurate machining, and material and clearance managements in-house, suggesting remanufacturing and repairing services of high quality and durability.

  • TOKYO NOZZLE's original remanufactured parts

    We remanufacture plungers with the same or better quality compared to the new parts, making use of our techniques obtained through rich experiences in remanufacturing plungers. Even without drawings, we can newly create plungers with TOKYO NOZZLE's original parts by accurately measuring the parts in the overhaul processes. We also have many actual results in remanufacturing plungers with friction pressure welding technologies, to realize both better durability and low costs which are the needs of the clients.

  • Value-added coating

    Along with the changes in the fuels for ship engines, we have to take measures to maintain the parts to be installed in fuel injection pumps. TOKYO NOZZLE suggests value-added coatings to increase the plunger's durability, corrosion-resistance, and sticking-resistance. Our strength is that we can perform total and speedy maintenance service in-house for fuel injection pumps, with various types of coatings on the plungers remanufactured as TOKYO NOZZLE's original part.


When maintaining fuel injection pumps, we also perform maintenance of sleeves which are an accessory of the plunger. We overhaul sleeves together with plungers when they are vigorously worn, and carry out their measurement, inspection, and diagnosis with the stern eye of skillful technicians. We also manage thorough measurement of the gaps, and adjust the damaged parts promptly to recover their normal operation in combination with the plungers.


Friction welding (vacuum single phase bonding) technology

We unify different materials by rotation and frictional heat. This technology is applied to the remanufacturing of parts.