Maintenance of pressure indicator valves, safety valves, and start valves

Pressure indicator valves, safety valves, and start valves consist of many fine parts. TOKYO NOZZLE thoroughly provides attentive maintenance on each part. After reciving these parts, we overhaul, measure, inspect each gap and damage, to determine if they are reusable. If the exchange of the parts including valves is necessary, our skillful staff remanufacture in-house parts through machining. After assembling them, we also carry out airtight tests and pressure tests to confirm their operation before delivery to the clients.

  • Attentive operation confirmation on each safety valve

    As its name shows, safety valve is an important part which affects safety of engine operation. We maintain various types of valves, and confirm their operation after assembly by testing each valve. Severe performance checks through airtight tests and pressure tests are included in our maintenance service.

  • Environment to perform in-house maintenances and tests

    Our skillful staff overhaul, maintain, and sort each part. These serviced parts are promptly assembled. We accept maintenance service from a single valve. We can also maintain a large number of valves at one time, and flexibly meet the delivery time according to the client's request.