One of the strengths of TOKYO NOZZLE is the thoughts of each employee who works in the maintenance and machining processes, which have created our reliable and high quality techniques, and have raised our sense of responsibility to protect the safety of the clients through maintenance and repair service, and our pride in having created parts through the machinning processes for many years. As the engines are a living thing, machinery alone are not enought to maintain them. Our employees are always in the center of our technology. Each employee well understands what to do in each position, and maintains according to the condition of each part.

  • Friction Welding Machine

    With friction welding machines, new welding technology become available in place of traditional welding technology. With this machine, different metals can be welded adjusting the welding angles. We widen the possibilities of reparing parts which are needed for maintenances, by introducing machines with actual results mainly in manufacturing new auto parts.

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  • Heat-treating Furnace

  • Air Micrometer

    This machine measures the clearances (gaps). It can measure the gaps of plungers and pistons in microns almost error free. Thorough temperature management is carried out in our measurement room, where dedicated staff are responsible for the measuring.

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Nozzle Polisher

This machine grinds and polishes the sheet surface of nozzle needles. It can grind any shape of nozzle from any manufacture. Some skills and experience are required to make the full use of this polisher, such as confirmation of the centering of the object to be polished.

  • Woodward
    Test Bench

    It is a dedicated test bench to maintain governors manufactured by Woodward, Inc. Only the technical staff, who are trained and Woodward Factory certified, are allowed to use this machine. The tester number and the names of the staff are required to be specified when shipping the serviced governors.

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  • Dedicated tester for B&W

  • PE Tester