Ultrasonic cleaning of strainers

It is desirable to exchange strainers in an early cycle, as lots of time and labor are required to clean the installed part. TOKYO NOZZLE's strainer ultrasonic cleaning service securely removes terrible oil dirt which is hard to remove. We remove oil dirt without damaging the filters, through jet injection washing, carbon cleaning, hot water washing, and ultrasonic cleaning with a filter automatic circulation cycle model. We can clean any type of strainer, including two-layered types. We also offer speedy and reliable cleaning services for large number requests to reduce the client's labor for cleaning.

Before cleaning, terrible oil dirt is stuck to the strainers which have been used for many years. We can clean any kind of strainers, including fine mesh types and two-layered types. We can surely remove the terrible oil dirt without damaging the strainers, as we do not clean them directly with brushes, but through ultrasound. Please enjoy our splendid finish after cleaning.