About machining

Friction pressure welding (vacuum single phase bonding)

In traditional maintenance, welding has been the main method to bond metal pieces. To replace the welding, TOKYO NOZZLE has focused on friction welding technology. Friction welding is a technology actually used to newly create important auto parts and various kinds of industrial products. It can also bond different materials, as this technology utilizes the application of rotation and frictional heat to bond two matching surfaces. The bonded part becomes stronger than each separately. This technology already has obtained actual results in remanufacturing new plungers and shafts, and repeated durability tests have shown that it is very safe. Believing in "big possibilities in friction welding", TOKYO NOZZLE applies this technology not only to repair ships, but also for various uses in various industries, suggesting machining services for the new era.

Various kinds of processing and manufacturing through skillful techniques

TOKYO NOZZLE has obtained high quality techniques and know-how through many years of maintenance service. We have high quality machining and repair processing techniques that can be realized only by our skillful technicians. We also have an environment to hand down these techniques to bring up next generation technicians. With the belief "our employees are in the center of our technology", TOKYO NOZZLE is sure that the combination with various kinds of machine tools and skillful technicians is our asset that supports machining. We have processed and manufactured various parts such as plunger leads and shafts which are difficult to process, tools needed for each process, remanufacturing of screws, and to carry out various tests. We flexibly meet the requests from the clients, such as processing a single part, a small number of lots, or precise reproduction of samples. TOKYO NOZZLE applies our skillful machining techniques to a wide variety of uses.

Challenges towards manufacturing the unknown
We can meet any request.

We apply friction welding technology and skillful machining techniques to manufacture things for various uses. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning to create new things not only for ship reparing, but also for industrial products, in the fields of construction and building, etc.


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