2 Bases

Tokyo nozzle provides service at 2 bases; the Misaki Factory in east Japan, and the Onomichi Factory in west Japan. These two factories have improved their techniques through the maintenance and repair services needed in each area. Now they cooperate with each other to provide better services and after services, covering a wider area. We are making good use of each factory's high quality and unique services to meet the needs of the clients in a wide area.

Misaki Factory (HQ)

For approximately 70 years, we have maintained diesel engine injectors for ships. Our technical staff offer maintenance and repair services with the best knowledge of ships. Also, when its is necessary, we remanufacture and process the parts in consideration with the best materials for each part. We are fully responsible of the serviced parts; repair, precisely inspect using various testers, deliver, and install them into the engine. Through machining, we create TOKYO NOZZLE's original parts one by one, which contributes to increase the safety and reducing maintaining costs to operate the engines. The Misaki Factory owns special equipment and machinary for special machining processes, and is suggesting new services with them.

Designated service station of Bosch Corporation (previous ZEXEL Corp.)

Onomichi Factory

This repair and maintenance factory is located in the Setouchi region where many shipbuilding facilities are concentrated. Our technical staff, who have accumulated rich experiences through many years, offer maintenance service for diesel engine injectors and various types of governors. Also, as an authorized independent service facility (A.I.S.F) for governors manufactured by Woodward, Inc., our specialists have training at the manufacturer to offer high quality services such as overhaul, assembly, and rotation inspection. The Onomichi Factory has obtained ISO9001 certification to manage maintenance quality. We are making efforts to standarize our maintenance quality to increase our reliability.

Authorized independent service facility