Maintenance of fuel injection pumps

We maintain various types of fuel injection pumps from various manufacturers, from large-sized to small-sized engines for ships. Fuel injection pump is an important part, as it decides the performance of the engine and is responsible for safety. TOKYO NOZZLE carries out inspections, measurements, and maintenances with our techniques backed by experience, to deliver safe parts to the clients which cleared performance tests. Being one of the main parts of fuel injection pump, we also make suggestions to remanufacture and repair plungers with high performance, high quality, and low cost, making use of our various know-hows obtained through rich experience with injection pumps for many years, which meet the needs of the clients.

PF (large-sized) pump

TOKYO NOZZLE has maintained fuel injection pumps for large-sized engines for many years. Injection pump is an important part to supply fuel to the engine. As it is delicate, its defect will affect safety. Our technicians, with rich experience with injection pumps, overhaul, inspect, and maintain them through our established procedures, and deliver them after confirmation of their safety.

PE (inline-type) pump

We also provide high quality complete overhaul maintenance service for PE pumps where the fuel injection pump and governor are united. We wash many parts one by one, inspect with the stern eye, and promptly assemble them. After maintenance, we perform simulation tests assuming actual machine use with our dedicated tester, then deliver them according to the maintenance schedule of the clients. We offer maintenance service for various injection pumps from various manufacturers.

Total maintenance service for fuel injection pumps of Woodward governors

As an authorized independent service facility (A.I.S.F) for Woodward, Inc., TOKYO NOZZLE offer an all-in-one maintenance service for fuel injection pumps of Woodward governers. Govenor and injection pump are usually maintained separately, and the clients have to assemble them on their own, which takes extra procedures and processes. With TOKYO NOZZLE, the clients can use them immediately after delivery, as we perform everything such as the maintenance, operation tests, installation, and adjustment before delivery.