Maintenance of fuel injection valves, nozzles, and spindle guides

We maintain fuel injection valves, nozzles, and spindle guides from various manufacturers such as PC, UEC, Sulzar, and B/W. To maintain fuel injection valves, after overhaul we confirm their spray condition, spray noise, and if there is after-dripping or not. We also perform conditioning checks on injection pressures with our dedicated tester, and adjust to recover their normal pressures. For atomizer nozzles, a part to be incorporated with jet valves, we provide not only their maintenance, but also remanufacturing and repair of the parts. We can remanufacture from a single part making use of our techniques obtained through many years of maintenance experiences.

Nozzle spindle guide

We measure nozzle spindle guides when receiving them to determine whether they are reusable or not. When they are reusable, we can recover their good injection condition by grinding and polishing needle valves in order to recover the angle when they were new, and by maintaining the main body. As the slide parts of spindle guides are difficult to control the size, we inspect and maintain them using our dedicated tester to measure the gap. For unusable nozzles spindle guides, it is also possible to incorporate TOKYO NOZZLE's original remanufactured parts.

Fuel valve body

For the maintenance of fuel valves, we also have some options in addition to the usual maintenance service. We can remanufacture and repair the fuel valve body which has become unusable by erosion and abrasion after long-term use. We can also make suggestions for special remanufacturing and repair services; e.g. reproduction of screw threads and adjustment of injection holes by advanced machining technology.


Air micrometer

We use an air micrometer to precisely measure nozzle spindle guides. With the presice measurment of the gaps without error, we can manage the gaps of the sliding parts in microns.