The source of our strength

"TOKYO NOZZLE PRIDE" is created with our maintenance techniques
accumulated for many years, and our daily passion.

For approximately 70 years since TOKYO NOZZLE was established, we have maintained diesel engine injectors. With the best knowledge of the ships, we always maintain the engines, the heart of the ships, to the best condition. With such sense of mission, we have offered the "TOKYO NOZZLE PRIDE" to our clients. Each of TOKYO NOZZLE PRIDE is filled with maintenance techniques accumulated through many years, and the passion of each employee. Our pride is condensed in our maintenance know-how accumulated in two different areas, and our ways of offering services to our clients, with a view to the next generation. Please feel the PRIDE which has been raised, maintained, and expanded by TOKYO NOZZLE.

  • PRIDE 01

    Convey techniques and pride from person to person,
    to focus on high quality service.

    Experience does not dissappoint the expectation. Passion enables everything. TOKYO NOZZLE believes that people are the key to our technology, and offers maintenance service under this belief. We maintain and repair each part with experienced technologies and our daily passion. We keep in mind the scchedule of the clients, and flexibly meet their various requests. With professional pride, our maitenance techniques accumulated through many years have been handed down from person to person, which has brought up an expert's attitude focusing on high quality services. TOKYO NOZZLE has refined trust by adding a sense of security on each engine part, through the handwork of skillful experts.


  • PRIDE 02

    Increase reliability in maintenance service,
    Creating new values.

    Machines do not lie. It is indispensable to use appropriate machinery in accordance with the purpose of each maintenance in order to offer high quality maintenance service. With machinery, we can consistently offer high quality maintenance, realize efficiency, and widen the range of service. TOKYO NOZZLE offers maintenance service with the major premise of protecting the safety of clients. As a manufacturer authorized repair and maintenance factory, we offer reliable maintenance service, while creating new values making use of special machinery which are not limited to traditional maintenance methods. We pursue the possibilities of machines, which will lead to ensure in the safety and security of the clients.


  • PRIDE 03

    "Misaki and Onomichi"
    We offer service making use of each factory's strength.

    Each area refines each strength. Our two factories, Misaki and Onomichi, offer the necessary high quality services in each area. In the Misaki Factory, we currently offer maintenance, repair, and machining process services also for land facilities such as plants, based on our many years of maintenance experience in ship engines. In the Onomichi Factory, we meet various needs of the clients as a leading repair and maintenance factory in the Setouchi region where approximately 70% of shipbuilding facilities in Japan are concentrated. In cooperation with these two bases, we can take flexible measures for urgent troubles of our clients, and realize afterservice over a wide area. The responding ability of TOKYO NOZZLE, making use of a wide range of service lineup with these two factories, will meet the expectation of the clients.


  • PRIDE 04

    The thoughts of clients
    Which has linked repair and maintenance factories all over the world.

    The thought for the security has linked the world. TOKYO NOZZLE belongs to the "FUEL INJECTION NETWORK (FIN)" to be able to offer maintenance and repair service overseas. FIN is a network established to offer high quality maintenance service all over the world, in cooperation with ship maintenance companies in the UK, Germany, Holland, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and the US. Ships navigating all over the world can receive necessary maitenance services and parts in the places they are needed, which enables them to navigate more systematically and safely.