Company Profile

Widen the possibilities in maintenance service
To contribute to the future of our clients and society.

With the mission to understand the requests of clients in advance to satisfy them, we have offered high quality maintenance service for approximately 70 years since we were established. We have pursued to realize our proposition "protect the safety of the clients" at as low cost as possible. What is important to realize this proposition is the quality control and motivation of each employee. The Misaki Factory and Onomichi Factory work hard together to increase our maintenance quality and to gain trust from our clients.
As the world is changing at a tremendous pace, we ourselves have to keep advancing through continuous challenges.
"Gas engines are replacing diesel engines which have been mainstream until now. We also provide maintenance service for gas engines, applying our techniques obtained through our maintenance experiences in the ship industry. Each employee also gives ideas to suggest better maintenance methods.
From now on, we will organize the environment for our engineers to devote themselves to their work, bringing up their attitude and pride to pursue the satisfaction of the clients, which will lead to higher efficiency of each employee's work.
The entire company will make efforts to widen the possibilities of maintenance service, to contribute to the future of our clients and society."

Representative Director Mr. Masahiro Kasakura

Company name
Tokyo Nozzle Misaki Manufactory Corp.

November, 1967

Representative director
Mr. Masahiro Kasakura

45 staffs

Main banks
Bank of Yokohama, Hiroshima Bank

Contracted with
ZEXEL Corporation --- Designated Service Station
(Headquarters & Hiroshima Factory)
Woods Corporation
Woodward Governor (Japan), Ltd. ---
Authorized independent service facility (Hiroshima Factory)

8-6 Mukougasaki-cho, Miura-shi,
Kanagawa Prefecture 238-0233 JAPAN
Tel.+81-46-882-2656 Fax.+81-46-882-6851

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Hiroshima Factory
3091-14 Sanba-cho, Onomichi-shi,
Hiroshima Prefecture 722-0052 JAPAN
Tel.+81-848-46-2767 Fax.+81-848-46-2766

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